About Frank Gerstmeier

Frank Gerstmeier studied chamber music, soloist performance and pedagogy. He received his concert grade after studies in Cologne with Prof. Hubert Käppel. Ever since he finished his studies he established himself as a soloist, composer and chamber musician, playing concerts and teaching classes in Germany and abroad. He is currently teaching at the Music Conservatory of Detmold and dortmund Music School. As well as a profound affinity to the classical repertoire, he also enjoys playing Jazz music where his delight in improvising becomes truly audible.

Frank Gerstmeier is also a well-respected composer. His compositions for ensembles show his pedagogic demands whereas his solo pieces showcase a wide variety of timbres and complex sounds. His works are published by well known editors in Germany like Editions Margaux.

Frank Gerstmeier’s work as a conductor of guitar ensembles has earned him an international reputation. He conducted the festival ensembles of important festivals with first performances of well known composers like Domeniconi, Garcia, Zenamon and others. Since 2007 he regularly attends the World Youth Guitar Festival in the UK, both teaching and conducting.